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Hi, my name is Stephanie Unthank and I am the creator and Director of the Infinity Wellness Project.

Human beings are evolutionary.  In this frantic modern world we live in, it's now more important than ever that we look after ourselves and take care of our body and mind.

Infinity Wellness is famous for inspiring, motivating, engaging and developing others in the subject of 

human wellness, mind, body, nutrition.

Amongst others, our clients include ITV; Magnox Power; Chambers of Commerce; Invicta Grammar School Kent; MindfulnessUK.

We are proud to deliver professional workplace wellness solutions in the form or workshops,  speaking events, short or long term programmes and have the skills, experience and capability to educate and inspire people on modern topics such as:

  • Nutrition for good health and well-being
  • Exercise and becoming more active in support of  human wellness
  • Mind health and all things related to the mental well-being of people
  • Delivering corporate yoga across the South East
  • Designing short and long term mindfulness-based initiatives and programmes for your organisation

Infinity wellness project is about supporting all types of people everywhere make long term change to their lifestyles that are sustainable.  The ultimate goal, helping you, your family, your workplace, or your place of education find freedom and happiness in healthy living.

I have an abundance of experience in the wellness field and am affiliated to various business's, associations and societies. My ongoing personal development and research of the wellness arena is of paramount importance in my quest for a superior client service.

With 20 years of experience in people development; change management and leadership I am very well placed to support you, your business or your school / college in developing and delivering well-being strategies and solutions.​

Take a look at the testimonials section of my website to learn a little more about what my clients say about me at an individual level; corporate level and in education.

From your personal wellness, workplace wellness and engagement, or wellness in education, contact me to 

discuss your needs. 

Let's work together to deliver simple, effective, flexible, sustainable and realistic wellness solutions that support a healthier, happier society.