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Stephs Blog

What's on my mind, plus tools and tips to help you find balance

infinity wellness blog by stephanie

January 2020

Caffeine Lover?  Read on.....

Are you a coffee drinker or caffeine lover?

Do you suffer with a painful jaw, often spreading to the neck, back of the head and temples?

Are you suffering from a heightened heart rate at intervals?

Do you notice a sense of panic or sense of anxiousness or worry at times, particularly if you haven't suffered in such a way before?

I'm not a doctor and don't claim to be. Across the UK we drink more than 70 million cups of coffee per day, amounting to over 400 billion a year. We have become a nation of coffee drinkers and coffee is more accessible than it's ever been across town centres, retailers, coffee shops, hotels, and even drive throughs.

This article from talks about the signs of caffeine intolerance, aversion and allergy development. It may be that you have always been able to drink and take caffeine and never had a problem, but we can develop allergies at any time of life, just like we can watch our allergies fade from child to adulthood.

Caffeine is also a drug, and is defined so because it stimulates the central nervous system, causing increased alertness. It can give most people a temporary energy boost and is associated with elevated mood.

Whilst we have become familiar with caffeine in coffee and even in tea we also need to consider the caffeine content in products like chocolate, soft drinks, and pain relief.

Why i am telling you this is that cutting caffeine out of my life since mid December has been a game change for me. I have more energy, am able to focus and concentrate for longer. I notice that i don't have so much of a slump in the afternoon especially after an early start and some of the symptoms I describe above have also faded.

The other side to my story. After being told I was likely to have a condition known as TMJD, (tempero mandibular jaw disfunction) because of my age and common symptoms; 2 GP visits; a referral to a jaw specialist; 2 consultations; an MRI and dozens of physio visits; I had been in pain for the best part of 7 months, to find........ it was caffeine.