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My Covid19 journey & how I am supporting others everyday.

People ask me, "when will you get back to normal Steph with the work you do?"

My response, "when you run your own business, is there a normal?"

It's been a very busy time for me since we went into lock down in March this year.

Since the launch of IWP some years ago now, I have worked online live delivering wellbeing solutions to the workplace and to individuals via platforms like Zoom and Skype.  

Moving to online work due to the pandemic has not been difficult for me, if anything I have been busier than I ever remember.

Much of my time since the beginning of 2020 has been taken up in delivering online wellbeing solutions to all types of businesses everywhere.  From London to New York, from Dubai to Ibiza, I am just so grateful that I have been able to continue working and continue to do the work I love that helps so many people, particulalry during what has been very unusual times.  I know that this hasn't been the case for so many others.

Overall, the main theme of my work this year has been centred around  mental health and mindfulness.

Web Connectivity Ltd London & Advisen New York, commissioned a wonderful piece of work with me in February this year which has grown in size. Moving from a mind health workshop to running research and insight to help establish the current state of employee mind health in the work place as a reslt of Covid19. This work has foscused on the delivery of employee workshops across boarders to address workplace wellness with a particular eye on mental health and how we feel about life and it's uncertainties.

Kent Chamber of Commerce commisioned a workshop focused on mind health for it's members, where I was pleased to be invited to deliver a session to educate and inform on how to deal with uncertainty and build resilience in uncertain times.

Whilst IWP is my own masterpiece and the beating heart of my focus each day, I am also one of 3 Directors of [email protected] Lately, I have also been leading a wonderful piece of work with Siemens which has focused on delivering mindfulness-based interventions into the workplace. This work is ongoing and will take us through to 2021/2022 in terms of delivery and embedding mindfulness into workplace strategy.

I have been working closely with MindfulnessUK as their associate teacher deliverying the Mindfulness-Based stress Reduction Programme, an 8 week course that is accessible to everyone because of it's secular nature.  This has been hugely popular, as you can imagine and numbers of new students have been quite overwhelming.  The interest I have seen in Mindfulness since March 2020 has been awesome.

Then, how could I forget....  Since late March 2020, I have been leading fitness & mindfulness sessions each week via Zoom and YouTube.  This has been part of a wider inititiave that as a group, some colleagues and I wanted to put together as a way of supporting others through these times.  Attendance has been great and we have rasied money for charity by doing so.  All of our classes and sessions have been delivered totally free of charge and the bonus is that I have stayed active for the last 12 weeks too! 

Following the sucess and need for these sessions, I plan to continue to teach online for the forseeable future and to do this free of charge.  As someone who works in the wellbeing industry, I feel passionately about my responsibility to reach out to all of those who want to invest in themselves but maybe finanicially they just can't afford it, or they just don't know where to start when it comes to body and mind health.  Afterall, if I can't give back one or two hours a week to society then my sense is, something isn't quite right.

In addition to all of this, I have found time to write columns for the Lady magazine, where the theme has been coping in lockdown and how to look after our mind health.

Take a breath................

I miss my personal training clients who have been working with me for the last two or three years.  I look forward to welcoming them back as soon as it is safe.

Moving into the second half of 2020, there are some exciting plans ahead.  

I will be working with Rochester Prep teaching staff where we will focus on return to work wellbeing and  I'm teaming up with Andy at Kent Sports Accademy to deliver a wonderful teacher training pathway where personal trainers, fitness instructors and sports therapists can invest in and learn how to integrate mindfulness into the work they do, leading them to a level 4 diploma that is recognised by the CPCAB but more importantly setting them apart from others.

I will continue to work closely with MindfulnessUK and the Director there, Karen Atkinson to deliver the MBSR 8 week course, deliver the MBSR teacher training pathway and to bring Mindfulness Teacher Training to Kent and the South East (how exciting).  We are continuing to develop a plan of delivery for Mindfulness in the workplace with Siemens and finally (at least for now) I have taken up a new post as Director of BAMBA, the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Now reach out and talk to me today about the wellbeing needs of your company.  Why not make some time for a Zoom coffee chat to explore how I can bring my skills, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to your place of work and support your employees in all things human wellness.

Stay well, stay safe.  We've got this.