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Here to support you.  Just reach out.

Global Pandemic. Updated 19th March 2020

Please don't suffer in silence.

If you or any member of your family or friend group is suffering with stress, anxiety or other mental health challenges at this very difficult time, please do get in touch with me to arrange some time to talk.

I am able to offer tips, tools and teachings to support you all and I am here to help.

Just reach out.

Don't be ashamed or shy.

You can contact me directly on 07712420441 or [email protected]

Opportunities To Take Part in Group Activity - Live Online

Stay close to my Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin Page.   A group of professional teachers, therapists and instructors are putting together a programme of support based workshops to keep you moving, reduce stress, bring calm to your lives, support your family old and young and most of all keep us connected.  Stay tuned, more to follow.