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It's no longer good enough to say 'shall we think about how we might engage our people in the wellness agenda.'

Organisations that want to employ talent must engage in developing and embedding long term wellness strategy in order to attract, engage and retain employees.

This is no longer a side of desk 'shall we?' exercise.  This is about the here and now, supporting employees in developing good habits that become second nature in terms of mind health, being more active and building good relationships with food and alcohol.

IWP has a growing and successful client portfolio in the corporate world.

Having worked in the corporate space for 18 years, IWP  is well placed to work with your business in consulting, designing, delivering and implementing wellness strategy in the workplace.

Amongst others, Stephanie Unthank, Company Director has worked with Magnox Ltd (engineering and energy); ITV; British Chambers of Commerce; and Siemens. 

From half day and one day workshops, to bespoke longer term programme build and delivery.  

Working with IWP will mean that your company wellness project will inspire, engage and delight your work force to lead and live a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle.  Your employees could become excited about making personal long lasting change that will make a true difference to how they feel as human beings which in turn could boost your company performance and profitability.  Reduce attrition and / or regrettable leaver rates. 



"The Head of Year Ten was really Impressed with you!"

The feedback from your Wellness in education sessions for our students has been very positive. Our year tens fed back that they felt you gave clear messages in your presentation and they found these relatable to their experiences.   

It was good for them to hear about the science behind the wellness strategies which supports why they work and why we should invest in self-care and I was pleased to hear that our students engaged really well with you in the assembly and the PSHEE session.   

By the way, the head of Year 10, was very impressed with you!

Thank you so much for the time you spent on organising and delivering the sessions.




I would highly recommend Stephanie as a teacher of stress reduction.  I was in a bad place a few months ago and spoke with Stephanie who took time out to listen to me. She introduced me to the strategies and meaning of Mindfulness and I was intrigued to learn how it would make a difference to my life.

Over the 8 weeks of the course I feel I have made huge progress and feel so much better about life and the future. Stephanie provides huge support during the course and is always available to talk to and ask advice if needed.  i can't believe the difference the practices make me feel and the things i took for granted in life i now notice and embrace.  i am learning to live for the here and now and not to dwell on the past.

Lorraine 45 (June 18)

Private Client


Steph first spoke to me about Mindfulness based stress reduction at the end of 2017. I didn't really know anything about the concept but I was looking for help in dealing with my levels of anxiety and a feeling of generally being overwhelmed by life.

Steph introduced me to the idea of living mindfully i.e living in the moment. To acknowledge what you're feeling, hearing and seeing in different situations, good and difficult, but in a non judgemental way by showing compassion to yourself and others. Being acutely aware of what you're feeling in the moment helped me to acknowledge my feelings, put them into perspective and then make choices on how to deal with them. During the course, Steph uses a range of tools including meditation practices, poems, short stories and reference materials. Steph’s teaching has helped me to deal with my feelings positively without trying to suppress or judge those feelings. 

Annon 58 (April 19)

Parent Carer


As a 55yr old woman who had never exercised before I approached Stephanie with great trepidation. 

I had simple goals to overcome a fear of gyms and improve my core strength and balance.

 9 months later I’m still attending regularly.

Stephanie has built my confidence and strength from simple exercises I could do at home to levels I could never have imagined.

I really look forward to training with her and trust her ability totally.

 I thoroughly recommend her. 

Sarah 57 (Feb 19)

Private Client

Jackie 58 (April 19)

Steph took a holistic approach to my health needs giving me nutritional advise which included some fantastic recipes, an understanding of which foods will keep me feeling fuller longer and the best foods to eat to protect my bones, muscles and combat fatigue. To improve my fitness and strength Steph devised a bespoke twice weekly personal training plan. I feel the healthiest that I have been in years, no more 'yo yo' weight loss then gain, fad diets or endless calorie counting. I feel healthy, strong and fit!

Angela 55 (June 19)

I love every minute of my fitness ​sessions with Steph. 

She is so inspiring and enthusiastic it is a pleasure working with her every week.

Linda 46 (June 19)

I really enjoy your fitness sessions, 

 I've found them very motivational, fun and rewarding plus I've met some lovely people and made new friends.  

I think it's great how you have the ability to empower the well-being in others.

Jennie 50 (May 19)

 I absolutely love taking part in fitness classes with Steph.  

Steph is a brilliant instructor and her personality makes working out so much fun. 

Sue Keers - Taunton (August 2019)

"I have just completed a 3 month support for wellness programme with Stephanie via Skype. During that time we covered general information re self-care such as hydration, healthy food intake and appropriate exercise. All of this was done with knowledge, care, kindness and compassion. Like many people, I have various medical, physical and emotional challenges which have in the past proved a stumbling block to my own personal self-care and wellness. Steph has helped me to bridge that gap so that I now feel confident to make healthy choices regarding my health. There is a subtle shift from feeling I ought to or should do these things to actually wanting to do them.

If you are considering making some lifestyle changes and are looking for someone to support and enable you, I would definitely recommend Stephanie."

The 2019 Autumn One Day Retreat.  Photos and Client Feedback.

Fully Booked and some amazing feedback from all clients about the venue, teaching style, content, atmosphere and their desire to return to retreat in 2020.

The 2019 retreat was a great success, i hope you are able to join me in 2020 for a spring retreat and then again in October for an autumn retreat.

  • 96% of retreat attendees said they would try an Infinity Wellness Project retreat again in the future.
  • Attendees scored the teaching 9.7 out of 10
  • Attendees scored the day overall 9.7 out of 10
  • 90% of attendees felt the day was good value for money.
  • Attendees rated the retreat space, location and facilities 9.3 out of 10.