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Responding to COVID-19

Virtual Wellbeing - Starts 6th April 2020

As Director of Infinity Wellness Project and of [email protected], I am proud to announce that in response to Covid-19 / Coronavirus, a team of qualified and experienced teachers from MindfulnessUK and [email protected] have come together to offer training solutions which are accessible online.  

We have also created a programme of bespoke mindfulness and wellbeing sessions which will start from Monday 6th April. 

 Please check out or click on the 'learn more' button below to be directed to the booking site for all classes and sessions.  Classes include fitness, wellbeing, meditation and activity based classes where there will be something for everyone.  

Classes are free, but your kindness and generosity by donation is gratefully received at point of booking.  Any contribution to classes I teach personally will go directly to the NHS.

Instructions to join classes for the first time via this platform (you will only have to do this once):

Click on Virtual Wellbeing link on the MindfulnessUK website menu

Go to Virtual Wellbeing homepage and use the link to register.

There is an optional donation page

Go to Register page (put details in) and submit

You will get an email with a link or go to the MUK website and login

Chose your class via the timetable

Click on class you want to join

Click on launch zoom in web browser or app

Start the class

Learn More


Fitness; Weight Management & Nutritional Support; Mind Health.

Whatever your needs you are in safe hands.  

With an abundance of experience and client testimonials to support,  talk to me today about your personal wellness needs.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, stress or even if you would describe the way you feel as being overwhelmed, then why not reach out to me for some professional advice and support.

Feeling 'lumpy' or 'lethargic?'  get in touch.  Let's work together to bring more energy to you and your life through becoming more active and taking time to work on your physical fitness.  You will notice the difference within just a few sessions..

Fed up with yo yo diets?  Weight on then off?  Have you spent much of your life, money, time and effort trying various different weight loss solutions that haven't worked?  Then STOP now.  Let's work together to ensure you never diet again.  

Chose sustainable plans that  can last you a lifetime.


Personal training

'At Home' Exercise Plans

Skype based fitness plans

Contact IWP


Weight management

Weight loss

Weight Gain

Sustaining your weight

Building a better relationship with food.

Contact IWP


Suffering from anxiety

Dealing with depression

Trauma experience

Stress management

Relationship challenges

Low self-esteem

Low in Confidence

Contact IWP