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If you run your own business and have employees that you are trying to care for, please get in touch to arrange group sessions where your teams can talk together, share their concerns and learn tools, techniques and mechanisms to cope.

I am here to support you all and will run sessions via Zoom remotely.

Thank you.

Sending Loving Kindness.

Stephanie x 


Designing workplace wellness sessions is a passion of mine.  

Having worked in the corporate environment for a Global Organisation for over 18 years, I have a true understanding of what it's like to try and find some balance in life..  

Having an appreciation for how difficult it can be to manage work and home, to try to stay well and healthy, to eat the right foods and take enough exercise in the real world is what makes me unique.  I have been there, and I have experienced the real difficulties in trying to have it all.

It's a tough place to be when as human beings we are trying to make everything work in harmony to live our best life.


Turning personal life experience into successfully supporting others. 

From suffering to success

After over 18 years working in corporate banking, i decided to leave my career and corporate life behind and start anew.

So why focus on a business that is centred around human wellness?  When you can talk from the heart about your own stress experience, your own anxiety, your own poor fitness regime because you were too dedicated to your work and how your eating habits meant that you gained pounds leading to obesity, it's this keeping it real that has a real impact on the people.  Yes this is me and this is my story, I was that person.

Professional, Experienced, Unique, Talented.

Now with my professional qualifications along with my corporate background and leadership experience, I am enjoying success in the corporate sector travelling the length and breadth of the country engaging the work place in the topic of wellness.

I am a little bit different though.  I don't 'tell people what to do, what to eat, how to live, or what the newest fitness fad is.  Rather, I spend time engaging, educating and teaching tools and techniques that support your employee populations in long term wellness.  Furthermore paying particular attention to supporting your company wellness strategy.


Contact me to discuss bespoke plans for workshop style employee wellness sessions which fit company strategy or consider guest speaking at a company event that centres around the topic of employee wellness.

Large Audience

Getting the company together for an away day?

Talk to me about how i can support this to boost engagement on wellness for your employees.

Maybe consider team building events, outdoor events, and getting your people active and moving more.

After Dinner Engagement

If you are holding award events or evening employee engagement sessions, consider an after dinner speaker to support and lift the evening whilst investing in your employee wellness agenda.


07712420441 [email protected]